The 2019 Dates

The Art of Riding Smooth from Floyd, Virginia
Includes: Two Full Days Instruction with Full Syllabus
$600.00 Cash
Maximum size: 3. Feel to free to call with questions.
April 27/28 Sold Out!
April 30-May 2 Sold Out!
May 4/5 Sold Out!
May 11/12 Sold Out!
May 13 Sold Out!
May 14 Sold Out!
May 18/19 Sold Out!
May 25/26 Sold Out!

June 1/2 Sold Out!
June 13-15 BMW National Rally. Will have booth. Give presentations. No Classes.
June 22/23 1 space left
June 29/30 2 spaces left

July 6/7 2 Spaces Left
July 13/14 Sold Out!
July 20/21 Sold Out!
July 27/28 2 spaces

September 7/8  Sold Out!
September 14/15 Sold Out!
September 21/22
September 28/29 Sold Out!

October 5/6 Sold out!
October 6-11 2019 Annual Fall Frolic! Sold Out!

Call 301-520-1649 (my direct line)


Personal Tours/Workshops
Fee: Flexible
Call for details. 301-520-1649. If you want to fly in and with enough lead time, I’ll pick you up at the airport. I can arrange a personal workshop (just you and me) and get you a rental bike as well. For these tours, I use a Sena Bluetooth device. You will need this device too. Bluetooth provides super clear, duel simplex, immediate two-way communication. I’ve had a number of riders take me up on this offer. They told me afterward their expectations were exceeded. 😊


Tom Callahan with 100,000+ experience from Alexandria, Virginia

Dear Jim,

“I can’t thank you enough for the Rider’s Workshop last weekend.  I hope you don’t mind if I go on a bit here with a few specifics that you can share with others who are thinking about taking the course.  Please also feel free to pass along my name and number to anyone who would like a “live” testimonial.

I am an experienced rider of 30-plus years and well over 100,000 miles.  This is just some of what I learned or improved in your two-day workshop:

  • Choosing gears more effectively for better control, confidence, and smoothness in curves
  • Reading a road better, looking to the “vanishing point,” and taking in the full picture of the environment
  • Using my GPS to anticipate curves beyond visual sight
  • Using a trailing rear brake in a curve to enhance stability, particularly in descending terrain
  • How to get a tactile feel, while riding at speed, for the traction of the road surface under varying weather and surface conditions
  • How to up- and down-shift more smoothly
  • How to ride with more precision, attention, and awareness
  • How to identify and seek out the countless lightly trafficked “invisible roads” that are outstanding for motorcycle riding

But the whole of the workshop was much greater than the sum of these parts.  The experience reinvigorated me and my love for riding.  By taking your approach toward riding as an art with a focus on precision and smoothness, every road and curve, no matter how familiar, becomes new and fresh to me.

Ten years ago, I paid about $700 for an Aerostich riding suit (they are $847 today).  The suit was a good investment, because it makes riding safer and more enjoyable in varying weather conditions.  For about the same money, your workshop is an even better investment in riding safety and enjoyment.  I know that it will pay me dividends for many years to come.

I look forward to riding with you again soon.”

With best regards,

Tom Callahan
Alexandria, VA